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PPSU is a thermoplastic of indeterminate shape with high-temperature transparency and high-temperature hydrolysis stability. The product can withstand a second steam sterilization.

PPSU, scientific name: Polyphenylene sulfone resins (Polyphenylene sulfone resins) PPSU polysulfone resins are Polysulfone (Polysulfone) referred to as PSF series products.

It is a novel thermoplastic engineering plastic, which refers to a polymer compound containing a base and an aromatic nucleus in the molecular chain, and is non-crystalline.

Basic properties of PPSU

It is a slightly amber linear polymer. Except for strong polar solvents, concentrated nitric acid, and sulfuric acid, it is stable to common acids, alkalis, salts, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, etc.

Partially soluble in ester ketones `aromatics, soluble in halocarbons `DM. Good rigidity and toughness, temperature resistance, thermal oxidation resistance, excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, alkalis, salt solutions, ion radiation resistance, non-toxic, good insulation and self-extinguishing properties, easy to form and process.

PPSU injection molding process

Polysulfone (Polysulfone), referred to as PSF, is a novel thermoplastic engineering plastic, which refers to a polymer compound containing a sulfone group and an aromatic nucleus in the main molecular chain, and is non-crystalline.

Sulfone resin polymers (PSF/PSU/PES/PASF) mainly include:

1. Ordinary bisphenol A polysulfone: PSF;

2. Polyethersulfone (poly aryl ether): PES;

3. Polyaryl sulfone: PASF;

4. Polyether nitrile sulfone: PENS;

5. Polyphenylene sulfone: PPSU;

Since the performance and application level of modified polysulfone vary greatly, and its processing technology varies greatly, the following range should be adjusted accordingly:

The material should be dried, it is recommended to be 150 degrees/4-6 hours; the barrel of the injection molding machine should be cleaned to avoid affecting the transparency of the material; The injection molding temperature is recommended to be 360-390 degrees.

PPSU injection molding precautions

PPSU is an amorphous, amber translucent material with a high melting temperature, which is different from other materials during injection molding. Relevant details will directly affect the quality of PPSU injection molded parts.

1. The melt viscosity of PPSU is relatively high, and the injection pressure is relatively high, so there is little requirement for the power of the injection molding machine;

2. The viscosity of PPSU melt is high, which has certain requirements on the material of the mold. The injection mold with low hardness or insufficient surface finish is high, and PPSU is easily adsorbed on the surface of the mold, so it is easy to deform when ejected;

3. PPSU needs to pay attention to the moisture absorption of the material during the injection molding process. Too long residence time will easily cause the material to absorb moisture and the product will appear in silver streaks;

4. When PPSU is injected, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of exhaust and product thickness, and bubbles are prone to appear inside thicker products;

5. Since pure resin PPSU is translucent, injection molding is required for the production environment and raw material control, otherwise black spots will easily appear;

Wide range of uses of PPSU

1. It is suitable for making heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, instrumentation parts, and medical devices equipment parts. Polyarylsulfone is suitable for making low-temperature working parts.

2. Polysulfone is commonly used in the electronic and electrical industry to manufacture integrated circuit boards, coil tube frames, contactors, sleeve frames, capacitor films, and high-performance alkaline battery casings.

3. Polysulfone is used in household appliances for microwave oven equipment, coffee heaters, humidifiers, hair dryers, cloth steamers, beverage, and food dispensers, eating and drinking tableware, water cups, milk bottles, and vent baby bottles, etc. It can also replace non-ferrous metals for precision structural parts such as clocks, copiers, and cameras.

4. Polysulfone has passed the relevant specifications in the fields of medicine and food in the United States and can replace stainless steel products.

Because polysulfone is resistant to steam, hydrolysis, non-toxic, high-temperature steam sterilization, high transparency, and dimensional stability.

Good features can be used as surgical tool trays, nebulizers, fluid controllers, heart valves, pacemakers, gas masks, dental trays, etc.

Because PPSU is a safe material, it does not contain endocrine-disrupting carcinogenic chemicals (environmental hormone: bisphenol A), and as a material with excellent heat resistance, the heat-resistant temperature is as high as 207 degrees. Due to repeated high-temperature boiling and steam sterilization.

It has excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance and can withstand general liquid medicine and detergent cleaning without chemical changes.

Lightweight and drop-resistant, it is the best in terms of safety, temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and impact chemical resistance. But the price is relatively expensive.

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