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Top 10 injection molding companies in the U.S.

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The injection molding technology originated in the United States and now accounts for almost one-third of the global market share among the world’s largest injection molding companies.

After decades of development, American injection molding factories are also gradually becoming bigger and better. Here we will detail the top ten American injection molding production enterprises, to see if you can find one you like.

Market Scale

The market size of an injection molded plastics product in the United States is estimated to be over $200 billion annually, according to Plastics News.

The top plastic injection molding companies in the United States have a combined annual revenue of over $50 billion. 

Top 10 injection mold companies in USA

1.MVP Plastics

  • Location: Clearwater, FL, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1978
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $50 – 99.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Complex, Precision, Multi-cavity molds, Injection Molded Parts

ATM's molder Company Profile

Worldwide custom manufacturer of complex & precision industrial plastic injection molds.

Mold types include thin-wall, stack, hot runner, unscrewing, multi-cavity, valve gate, hot edge, 90 degree hot melt, horizontal valve gate, 2 material, hot-to-cold runner, 3-Plate, stripper plate, 2-color & two-shot molds.

Additional services include mold grinding, lathe machining, high speed milling, CMM inspection & laser engraving, etching.

Industries served include health care, medical, electronic, disposable & packaging and automotive components.

2.Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering

  • Location: Rochester Hills, MI, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1982
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $50 – 99.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Full service supplier for the plastics and plastic molding 
Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Company Profile

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering is a family owned and operated business who values its team members’ service, dedication and commitment to superior quality engineering and injection mold making.

From concept to launch, small tool packages to entire vehicle platforms, Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering possesses the vision, leadership, experience and resources necessary.

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering maintains strategic alliances with multiple global partners providing our customers cost effective solutions and single point management for major programs.

3.Montrose Molders, Inc

  • Location: Piscataway, NJ, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1966
  • The number of employees: 200-499
  • Annual Sales: $25 – 49.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Extrusion, Tool and Die Production, Assembly, Mold Flow, Industrial Design
Montrose Molders, Inc

Montrose Molders, Inc Company Profile

Montrose Molders offers intelligent and creative molding solutions to their inejction molding, extrusion, tooling, part decoration and assembly needs.  

Montrose was born from humble beginnings, starting as a 22-person tool shop in 1966 that manufactured tight tolerance tools for various plastics-related industries. 

In 1972, Montrose invested in its first injection molding press and there was no turning back from there.

Today, over fifty years later, Montrose has developed into a vertically integrated manufacturer capable of providing its valued customers with a variety of services. 

Montrose can aid in your industrial part design requirements, manufacture your tool or die, manufacture your most complex plastic part and decorate and pack assemblies of any kind. 

Montrose is truly a one-stop solution for all of your plastics manufacturing needs.

4.The Rodon Group

  • Location: Hatfield, PA, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1956
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $25 – 49.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Consumer products, Windows and Doors, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Construction and Food and Beverage.
The Rodon Group

The Rodon Group Company Profile

The Rodon Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, high-volume, custom plastic injection molder.

They offer a turnkey and innovative manufacturing solution including mold design, mold building, and high-volume parts manufacturing.

Their globally competitive prices eliminate the risks of sourcing offshore. With over 125 plastic injection molding presses.

The Rodon Group is one of the largest family-owned and operated injection molders in the United States.

They serve a diverse group of industries including consumer products, windows and doors, medical and pharmaceutical, construction and food and beverage.

5.Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc

  • Location: North Vernon, IN, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1966
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $25 – 49.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Custom precision injection molding, contract machining and 3D printing services.
Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc

Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc Company Profile

In 1966, Decatur Mold was a five-person shop with a 2,400 square foot facility, an excellent work ethic and a desire to provide the best service and quality the industry had to offer.

That commitment has proven successful, and now Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc. has grown to a world-class facility, with 100+ employees and more than 87,000 square feet.

Decatur Mold continues to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and technology from design to finished mold.

6. D&M Plastics LLC

  • Location: Burlington, Illinois, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1972
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $10 – 24.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Consumer appliances, Medical devices, Pharmaceutical products, OEM applications
D&M Plastics LLC

D&M Plastics LLC Company Profile

They achieve the results you want and need for several reasons. Their facility, for example, is organized and maintained for nimble, efficient, precision production and on-time delivery.

More than 30 presses and an ISO Class 8 cleanroom enable us to produce complex, precise, high-volume, and highly engineered plastic parts.

Their PPAPs are correct, complete, and submitted on time. Failed or late PPAPs don’t ever delay parts verification or product launches.

Their routinely dependable, timely service has cemented our reputation as a reliable and leading plastic injection molding companies for many industries

7.R&D Molders, Inc

  • Location: Georgetown, TX, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1974
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $10 – 24.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Custom blow molding, Plastic Injection molding, Tooling, and Associated secondary services
R&D Molders, Inc

R&D Molders, Inc Company Profile

For nearly 40 years, R&D Molders, Inc. has been providing custom blow molding, plastic injection molding, tooling, and associated secondary services to a variety of customers for a variety of applications.

They have successfully customized solutions for the Medical, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Sporting Goods, Electronics, GSA/DOD, Home & Garden and Energy industries.

They are dedicated to the belief that our commitment to their clients solutions comes first in everything we do.

R&D Molders, Inc. is a trusted and experienced business with first class manufacturing process operations, equipment, and talent.

8.Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc.

  • Location: Pittsfield, MA, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1983
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Annual Sales: $10 – 24.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Custom Molding Services, Moldmaking, & Assembly 
Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc.

Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc Company Profile

Custom Plastic Molding, Moldmaking, & Assembly Of Close Tolerance Thermoplastic Parts For OEM Applications In Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Fiberoptic, Fluid Engineering, Medical, Semiconductor, Telecom, Other Industries.

In-House Design Using ProE, ETPs Such As LCP, PC, PBT, PEI, PPS; Moldmaking, TPE Overmolding, & Large New Class 100,000 Clean Room Facility For Molding & Assembly.

Secondary Operations Capabilities Include Adhesives, Annealing, EMI/RFI Shielding, Machining, Painting, Silicone Hard-Coating, Ultrasonics

9.Ironwood Industries, Inc.

  • Location: Libertyville, IL, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1966
  • The number of employees: 50-99
  • Annual Sales: $10 – 24.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Medical component and device manufacturing, Injection Molded Products
Ironwood Industries, Inc.

Ironwood Industries, Inc Company Profile

They are a leader in medical industry with component and device manufacturing, serving customers in a variety of medical and packaging markets, and building strong partnerships with large OEM’s and smaller organizations alike.

They employ a strong quality system certified to ISO 9001 and 13485 standards, and by utilizing the latest technology and taking a scientific approach to injection molding.

10.Toner Plastics

  • Location: Pittsfield, MA, USA
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1989
  • The number of employees: 50-99
  • Annual Sales: $10 – 24.9 Mil
  • Main Service: Plastic extrusion, Design engineering, Complex mold manufacturing, and Plastic Injection molding.

Toner Plastics, Inc Company Profile

Toner Plastics is a plastics manufacturing technology company specializing in profile extrusion, injection mold design and injection mold manufacturing, and plastic injection molding.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality and service, They provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs while exceeding expectations.

Through organic growth and multiple acquisitions, They have become an accomplished tooling design and injection molding operation while enhancing their leadership position as a world-class profile extrusion technology resource.

If you’re looking for more injection molding manufacturers, Also you can choose a Chinese injection mold supplier: Zetar Mold.

Zetar Mold

  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 2005
  • The number of employees: 201-300
  • Main product: Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing
  • Other products: Overmolding Products, Insert Molding Products,3D printing and CNC Prototyping

Zetar Company Profile

Zetar is a top-end turnkey manufacturing company that helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their products.

Zetar has more than 20 English speakers and 7 experienced mold design engineers (some of them can also speak English) with technique and english communication, which could make sure fluent communication and offer feasible design solutions.

Now total Zetar has mold making shop in house, 31 sets injection molding machines range from 60T-1100T. which 6 sets are in dust-free room(M7 Class), assembly room and logo printing room. The largest 1100T injection molding machines could produce product weight up to 5100g.

Zetar definitely also has many certificates: TUV, ISO9001 (quality system certification), TS16949 (certification for auto parts making), ISO14001 (certification for showing not harming the environment during whole manufacturing process).


Finding a trustworthy manufacturer nowadays is not that easy, especially that there are a lot of new manufacturers that have emerged just to keep up with the trend. But hopefully, our list was able to help you find the injection molding manufacturer that best suits your requirements. It is recommended to do a background check before creating partnerships with manufacturers because they will play a huge part in the success of your business.

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